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Water's Edge Prehistoric Life Movie Spoofs is on "the Tigger Movie"


  • Luigi (Super Mario (1981 -)) as Tigger
  • Aladdar the Iguanodon (DINOSAUR (2000)) as Winnie the Pooh
  • Jacus the Boy (Little Baby Bum) as Roo
  • Flamingos as Rabbit
  • Carl (Little Baby Bum) as Piglet
  • Kron (DINOSAUR (2000)) as Eeyore
  • Scowler (Walking with Dinosaurs the 3D Movie (2013)) as Owl
  • Mia the Girl (Little Baby Bum) as Kanga
  • Carl (Little Baby Bum) as Christopher Robin
  • Dinosaurs, Animals, Little Baby Bum Characters and Super Mario Characters as Round my Family Tree Tiggers