Voice cast Edit

  • Saltasaurus as Theodore Lindsey Templeton
  • Deinonychus as Timothy Leslie Templeton
  • Ornithomimus as an adult Tim
  • Amargasaurus as Francis E. Francis
  • Acrocanthosaurus as Ted Templeton
  • Carnotaurus as Janice Templeton
  • Zuniceratops as Eugene Francis
  • Lambeosaurus as Wizzie
  • Velafrons as Jimbo
  • Styracosaurus as Tim's Daughter
  • Gezora as TV Chef
  • Rugops as the Photographer
  • Baryonyx as Story Bear
  • Guanlong as Triplets
  • Komsoceratops as Staci
  • Majungasaurus as The Big Boss Baby
  • Oviraptor as Elvis impersonators
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