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  • Young Ugly (The Ugly Duckling and Me!) as Young Tarzan
  • Neera (Dinosaur 2000) as Kala
  • Aladar (Dinosaur 2000) as Kerchak
  • Patchi (Walking with Dinosaurs 2013) as Terk
    • Speckle Jr. (Dino King 2012) as Young Tantor
  • Dinosaurs as Gorillas
  • Carnotaurus (Dinosaur 2000) as Zugor Monster
  • Mr. Thicknose (The Land Before Time) as Zugor Gorilla
  • Emma (Dinosaur 2000) as Mama Gunda
  • Kron and Bruton (Dinosaur 2000) as Uto and Kago
  • Baby Dinosaurs as Gorilla Kids
  • Malefor (Spyro The Dragon) as Sabor