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This wiki will contain links to the content of Kinda Funny as well as links to the social media pages of the members. It will also contain biography pages for the members of the team.

Company and Team[]

This wiki is full of information about Kinda Funny. Kinda Funny is a company creating internet content on multiple platforms including YouTube and Twitch mainly focusing on the subjects of video games and pop culture.

The current members of Kinda Funny include Greg Miller, Nick Scarpino, Tim Gettys, Kevin Coello, Andy Cortez, and Joey Noelle. Guest Contributors include Andrea Rene, Jared Petty, and Gary Whitta.

Colin Moriarty is a founder and former member of Kinda Funny but has since moved on to his own company Colin's Last Stand.

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Kinda Funny Content[]

Daily Shows[]

  • Kinda Funny Morning Show- A pop culture news show typically hosted by Nick Scarpino and another member of Kinda Funny although it sometimes features guest hosts from outside the company.
  • Kinda Funny Games Daily- A video game news show typically hosted by Greg Miller featuring a rotating second chair including Jared Petty, Andrea Rene, and Gary Whitta each week for "Whitta Wednesdays".

Weekly Shows[]

  • GameOverGreggy Show (GOG)- A weekly show in which four, sometimes five best friends gather around a table to discuss a range of subjects. (Note: Prior to Episode 214: "SisQo Joins Us For Greg's Superman Comic Pitch!" episodes were uploaded as multiple topic videos. Each is now uploaded as a full episode video.)
  • Kinda Funny Gamescast (KFG)- A weekly show discussing topics within the realm of gaming hosted by Tim Gettys. (Note: Prior to Episode 124: "Giant Bomb (Special Guests)" each episode was uploaded as multiple topic videos. Each episode is now uploaded as a full episode video.)
  • Party Mode- A weekly series of let's play videos that feature members of Kinda Funny playing multiplayer games edited by Andy Cortez.
  • KF/AF- The Greatest Show on the Internet, hosted by Nick Scarpino and Andy Cortez. Featuring the longest play of a particular board game where every episode is one turn, the Photoshop Challenge with the KF crew and a topic for the week, Ask Andy Anything Q/A segment, and the main segment of the week, featuring rankings, challenges, quizzes, or celebrations.

Seasonal Content[]

  • Kinda Funny produces multiple seasonal shows including Cooking With Greggy and Love & Sex Stuff.

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