Bear: Congratulations, bub Mandrill: You joined the club Baboon: And everyone agrees. Carnotaurus: We have the best mix of almost honest men, Welcome to the forty thieves!

Dag: A brotherhood of thugs you can trust Lion: There is nothing on top of our eighty sleeves Terrence: I have a grub to share Lift a chair! Carnotaurus: Welcome to the forty thieves!

Tiger: Now you get to lie and cheat, Carnotaurus: You've never brushed your teeth Gorgon: But we are always looking for you please Tasmanian Devil: Take care of each other Bear: You will never miss your mother

Patchi: Oh, I love you

Wolves: Schemin 'to a scam, Out on a limb, Taking what we want And if you like to work You will love this job! Welcome to the forty thieves!

Owl: Ben: Frog: Dog: Dag: Welcome to the forty thieves!

Whale: Together we are the perfect team Carnotaurus: Aaaah Whale: Larceny is in the genes Polar Bear: Aaaah Whale: Dare to share the family dream? Elk: Aaaah

Patchi: Live a leisure life Have all your treasure!

Jacua and Mia: Llama: Aladar:

Carnotaurus: As an honorary member of the gang, There is no one alive to go, Pteradatcyal Ghost: You have to snatch and sneak away Owl: Or, your future is bleak Creature: We have a lifelong contract that you are obligated to keep Carnotaurus: You want to save your skin Alligator: It is better that you adapt, Carnotaurus: Wel-wel-welcome to the, Welcome to the Forty thieves!

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