Rising from a hurled volcanic rock, Godzilla, it seemed, had once again returned to his malevolent ways. Appearing near Mount Fuji, the creature waged a campaign of destruction against humanity. The monstrosity leveled anything that stood in its path, tearing down buildings with its fists. As the abomination traveled across Japan, though, it attracted the attention of another monster.

Traveling underground, Anguirus burrowed under what appeared to be Godzilla. As the spiked creature emerged from the ground, it toppled over this Godzilla. Anguirus could see what others could not, though, in this creature. The spiked monster immediately went on the attack. This raised questions from those spectating as to why Anguirus would assault his friend Godzilla. As the two monsters exchanged blows, though, the quadruped reptile managed to damage its opponent's shoulder. This revealed metal below the creature's skin, exposing the Fake Godzilla to Anguirus. However, not even Anguirus could stop this creature's power. Enraged, the imposter lashed out at the quadruped reptile. Despite being able to see through the disguise, though, Anguirus was powerless to halt its wrath. Receiving a grisly broken jaw, the spiked kaiju was forced to flee. This left the Fake Godzilla to once again push deeper into Japan's mainland.

By nightfall the machine had arrived at a refinery. Using its golden hued laser beam, the demon set the area aflame. Unfortunately for it, though, the real Godzilla had sensed its presence. Emerging from under a building, the King of the Monsters came forth to battle. Fighting with fierce determination, the real Godzilla tore and blasted away chunks of the doppelganger's skin. He was perplexed by the unusual affect his attacks had against his foe. Godzilla's questions were soon to be answered, though. The Black Hole aliens, which had constructed this hellish instrument of terror, burned away the guise. This revealed to Godzilla, and the world, the true Mechagodzilla.

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