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The Black Cauldron (Yru17 Movie Monsters Style)

    Godzilla (Aladdin)

    The Pagemaster (Yru17 Style)

    Free Obisodus

    All Movie Monsters Go to Heaven

    Rock-A-Doodle (Yru17 Movie Creatures Style)

    Movie Monsters Don't Dance

    The Little Movie Monsters

    The Movie Monster King

    The Cow Princess

    Movie Monsters Story

    Mia (Mulan)

    The Black Cauldron (Yru17 Animal Style)

    The Gliding Movie Monsters (The Lorax; 2012)

    Godzilla 2000 the Red-Nosed Godzilla

    The AristoKajius

    The Little Movie Monsters II: Return to the Valley

    Godzilla (Aladdin): The Return of Cloverfield

    Godzilla (Dumbo)

    The Cow Princess II: Escape from Castle Mountain

    The Movie Creatures Book

    The Rescuers (Yru17 Movie Kajius Style)

    Free Obisodus 2: The Adventure Home

    Kajius vs. Movie Aliens

    Kajius (Cars)

    The Cow Princess III: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure

    Mia (Mulan) II

    The Iguanodon and the Godzilla

    Godzilla (Aladdin) and the King of Thieves

    The Movie Monster King 1 1/2

    Back to the Future (Yru17 Movie Monsters Style)

    Free Obisodus 3: The Rescue

    The Movie Creatures Book 2

    Movie Monsters Wars

    Jacus (Balto)

    The Cow Princess Christmas

    Frozen (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    The Wizard of Oz (Yru17 Movie Creatures Style)

    101 Movie Monsters

    Godzilla in the Big Bluue House Christmas Movie

    Diary of a Wimpy Godzilla

    Rio (Yru17 Style)

    The Cow Princess: A Royal Family Tale

    The Patchi Clause

    Movie Monsters Story 2

    Godzilla in the Big Blue House Christmas Movie 2

    Godzilla in the Big Blue House Christmas Movie Godzilla and Alex

    Little Kajius

    The Brave Little Godzilla

    Kajius (Cars) 2

    Jacus (Balto) II: Movie Monsters Quest

    Brother Godzilla

    The Movie Monsters Movie

    Pacific Godzilla

    Godzilla Hood

    All Movie Monsters Go to Heaven 2

    Godzilla & Company

    Big Hero 6 (Yru17 Movie Monsters Style)

    Beauty and the King Kong

    Diary of the Wimpy Godzilla

    Home Alone (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    Jumanji (Yru17 Movie Monsters Style)

    Mia and Godzilla

    Jacus (Balto) III: Wings of Change

    Mia and Godzilla Godzilla has a Glitch

    Movie Monsters Story 3

    Who Framed Godzilla Monsters

    Carnotaurus ( Krampus )

    Godzilla Monsters, Inc.

    Godzilla and Mothra: The Movie

    Godzilla Pan

    How the Godzilla Stole Christmas

    Kung Fu Godzilla

    Despicable Me (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    Despicable Me 2 (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    Godzilla Villains (Minions)

    Easter Godzilla is Coming to Town

    Rise of the Guardians (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    Godzilla Doo

    Godzilla Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed

    Movie Monsters Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation

    Godzilla in Black

    Star Wars ( Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style )

    The Secret of NIMH (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    Magic School Bus ( Yru17 Godzilla Villains Style )

    Godzilla Pan in Return to Never Land

    Home Alone 3 (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    Rolie Polie Godzilla The Great Defender of Fun

    Godzilla (Casper)

    Many Adventures of Godzilla 2000 the Video Game Godzilla

    Godzilla Great Adventures

    Movie Monsters Story Toons: Small Fry

    The Patchi Clause 2

    Speckles in the Big Blue House Christmas Movie

    Godzilla Monsters University

    Godzilla Poppins

    King Godzilla



    Movie Monsters Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex


    Godzillazan 2

    Godzillazan and Mothra

    The Goonies (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    The Godzilla New Groove

    Madagascar (Yru17 Style)

    Godzilla ( Kipper )

    The Princess and the Godzilla

    Gravity Monsters

    Mia (Pocahontas)

    Godzilla Grinches Aladar the Iguanodon

    Diary of a Wimpy Godzilla: Obisodus Rules


    Prehysteria ( Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style )

    Brother Godzilla 2

    Paramount Family Favorites ( Yru17 Style )

    Paramount Family Favorites ( Yru17 Style )

    Kajius From Space

    The Angurius Movie

    Movie Monsters ( Robots )

    GodzillaBusters 2

    The Goonies (Yru17 Godzilla Villains Style)

    The Patchi Clause 3: The Escape Clause

    Lambert is a Godzilla

    The Great Godzilla Detective

    Goliath 2 ( Yru17 Style )

    Speckles the Godzilla

    Home ( Yru17 Style )

    The Godzilla New Groove 2: Patchi's New Groove

    Barnyard ( Yru17 Style )

    Finding Godzilla

    Like Zilla

    The Karate Godzilla Monster

    Jaws ( Yru17 Style )

    Godzilla and Friends

    Miahontas II: Journey to a New World

    An All Godzilla Monsters Christmas Carol

    Godzilla Jones

    Diary of a Wimpy Godzilla: Godzilla Villains Days

     The Sword in the Stone (Yru17 Godzilla Monsters Style)

    The Godzilla Movie

    Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Yru17 Style)

    We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (Yru17 Style)

    A Movie Creatures Story

    Speckles Tale

    Total Drama Island ( Yru17 Movie Creatures Style )

    The Godzilla in the Hat (2003)

    Mia in Wonderland (1951)

    Pingu (Yru17 Style)

    Godzilla (Shrek)

    Godzilla Let's Go to the Zoo

    Godzilla Let's Go to the Farm

   Godzilla Let's Play School

   Godzilla Super Singing Circus

    Pig in Boots

   Mothra White and the Seven Godzilla Monsters

    Godzilla (Shrek) 2

    A Godzilla in Central Park

    Godzilla Let's Go to the Firehouse

    Godzilla (Babe)

    Godzilla Let's Go to the Beach

    Godzilla (Shrek) the Third

    Godzilla in the Big Blue House

    Over the Halloween Hedge

    Obisodus Body

    Godzilla: Movie Creatures in the City

    Godzilla in the Big Blue House A Berry Monster Christmas

    Godzilla (Shrek) Forever After

    Wreck-It Godzilla

    Open Season (Yru17 Style)

    The Road to El Dorado (Yru17 Movie Monsters Style)

    The Monster of Notre Dame

    Fix it Felix (Pinocchio)

    Sleeping Monster

    Descendants (Yru17 Style)

    Groundhog Day ( Yru17 Style )

    Stripes ( Yru17 Style )