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sGtBuck Movie Spoofs is Bear's Time Travel of Star Command the Adventure Begins (2020)


Carl (Little Baby Bum) as Bear

Polly (Little Baby Bum) as Robot Bird

Willum (Little Baby Bum) as Robot Frog

Patchi the Pachyrhinosaurus (Walking with Dinosaurs the 3D Movie) as Robot Snake

Speckles the Tarbosaurus (Dino King 2012) as Robot Wolf

Mr. Tinkles (Cats and Dogs (2001)) as Docc Hogg

Calico (Cats and Dogs (2001)) as Robot Mouflon

Babies (Little Baby Bum) as Robot Mice

Horse (Elmo’s World Wild Wild West) as Robot Scorpion

Velociraptors (DINOSAUR (2000)) as Robot Stegosaurus and Robot Velociraptors

Carnotaurus (DINOSAUR (2000)) as Robot Tyrannosaurus Rex

Fly (LBB Junior the Fly Song) as Robot Wasp

Cast from Little Baby Bum:[]

Aladdar the Iguanodon (DINOSAUR (2000)) as Jacus the Boy

Eema the Styracosaurus (DINOSAUR (2000)) as Mia the Girl

Carl (Little Baby Bum) as Bear

Brother Finger (Little Baby Bum) as Ojo

Sister Finger (Little Baby Bum) as Trello

Zini (DINOSAUR (2000)) as Carl